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This is a list of the circuits we have web page addresses for so far

If you know of any more please email me on mole@motorcycleshops.co.uk


Brands Hatch   www.brands-hatch.co.uk

Cadwell Park    www.brands-hatch.co.uk

Castle Combe www.castlecombecircuit.co.uk

Croft Circuit www.croftcircuit.co.uk

Donington Park www.donington-park.co.uk

Gurston Down  http://www.gurstondown.org/

Harewood Hill http://www.barc.net/harewood/index.htm

Knockhill www.knockhill.co.uk

Mallory Park www.mallorypark.co.uk

North Weald (Drag Racing) www.dragrace.co.uk

Olivers Mount  www.auto66.com

Oulton Park www.brands-hatch.co.uk

Pembury http://www.barc.net/pembrey.htm

Silverstone www.silverstone-circuit.co.uk

Snetterton  www.brands-hatch.co.uk

Thruxton http://www.barc.net/thruxton.htm


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