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Add Me! Search engine submission engine

Alley Kat Design Ltd www.alleykat.co.uk - web design/web databases/services etc.

Aimcc http://www.instone.net/ASP/categories.asp?RequiredCategory=Motorcycles/Clubs/UK

SPIDERS WEB http://www.sweb.freeserve.co.uk/meetspid.htm

Bucko's Bikers Page http://www.btinternet.com/~othona.systems/bikes.

is a web database where you can put as many adverts as you want for bikes and biking equipment, optionally each with a photo, for FREE for as long as you want. Register and then log on to place adverts, or just start searching ifyou want to find something.New ads and photos get checked by us after upload but before release to the search.Go fo it! Email Phil Baldwin 

Biker Movies http://www.justcustombikes.com/bikermovies.htm

BIKEDATA UK http://www.bikedata.co.uk/

BIKERSGEARBOX http://www.bikersgearbox.co.uk/ Nothing fancy, just a functional bikers links/search engine.

Beginners Guide to UK Motorcycle Training

A website for people in the UK who are considering taking up motorcycling. It covers CBT in detail and other subjects such as safety, law, licences, clothing, tests, costs, books and more. Throughout the site we stress the importance of safe, responsible riding. It also has a large free directory of CBT centres in the UK. We have 450 of them so far.
 At the moment we are non-commercial but as we've put so much work into it (it's taken us a year in our spare time) we wouln't object if some companies wanted to pay for advertising.

Website Beginners Guide to UK Motorcycle Training

Email Roger


Fedpeckers pages http://fedpecker.cjb.net/

Gofaster-Goodies (a new biker info site)  http://www.gofaster-goodies.co.uk/ 

Iffy's Pages http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Street/4621/

Just Custom Bikes


Moles (that's me) Pages http://www.zenamole.freeserve.co.uk/index.htm Simple (cheap) web page design, Motorcycle Clip Art, free computer help page.

lucretia's Pages http://www.cyberware.co.uk/dial/lucretia

Surf City's Bike index pages http://www.chycor.co.uk/general/motorbikes/

Motorcycle watch Stolen Bike register  www.motorcyclewatch.co.uk

Motorcycle U.K.

Bikersearch http://www.bikersearch.com/

Usedbikes www.usedbikes.co.uk

Bikermag www.bikermag.co.uk

Surfers Rally Club www.go.to/surfersrallyclub

Rods Honda MT50 site http://www.hondamt50.co.uk/



Potteries Pet-food run site http://geocities.com/petfoodrun/



Biker Bands

Bad to the Bone (George Thorogood Tribute) and Fourplay  http://www.badtothebone.freeserve.co.uk

Blood Brothers (Black Comedy) http://www.bloodbrothers.fsnet.co.uk


Virus Information Sites




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