Ralph E Perry

15 Stanley Square     

Carshalton on the Hill


Tel/fax number_0181 669 0503

Email ralpheperry@hotmail.com

For Helicoiling, magnetos, dynamos, British motorcycle parts.


Working from home and at customers premises. Carrying out specialist jobs on motorcycles and cars at times to suit the customer.

Normal activities include

Thread repairing (helicoiling) in 72 sizes including on-site work

Magneto’s, Dynamo’s, distributors, Voltage Controllers, and other electricals, all done individually

Cylinder head overhauls, Porting etc

Single Cylinder crankshaft flywheel and Big End overhaul

Brake Shoe Re-Lining

Bearing Supply

British motorcycle engine and gearbox overhaul

Aluminium polishing to extreme exacting standards




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